Saturday morning. Coffee. Honey-loops. Peaches. Coffee.

And: exploring!

I went to visit Rowne. Rowne is a fashion brand for female clothing, a bit business-like style, founded by Fashionboi Landar and Justice Topaz. You can find some more information and pictures/links  to their brand on their own website: (autoplaying music alert!). However, I didn’t go there for the fashion, but after I had seen some images on flickr of the Rowne sim I wanted to check it out.
Rowne - I

It is a  typical ‘less is more’  location of beach and sea, not tropical, with a lighthouse and a path through grassy dunes. The offsim mountainranges give a lovely view and I must say it is a lovely spot to find some solitude and peace after a hectic week, not too big, not crowded and: photogenic!  The kind of place that makes inworld shopping worthwhile!
Rowne - II
Rowne - III

OSGrid 7th birthday starts today at 10am PDT


OSG7B First Preview

OSGrid will be celebrating its 7th birthday this weekend over at the OSG7B regions with live DJ performances and much more. The OSG7B birthday celebrations start this morning from 10am PDT through until Sunday afternoon. The events will be held on the Event Plaza region on OSgrid too.

Everyone is welcome to attend to celebrate 7 amazing years of OSGrid. Come and enjoy the birthday celebrations!


Come and have a look around the amazing builds!

Hypergrid Locations

  • OSG7BW >
  • OSG7BN >
  • OSG7BE >
  • Event Plaza > plaza.

Music Schedule

Saturday 26th Schedule

  • 10am PDT: DJ Foxx Bode
  • 11am PDT: Bolt Dominica
  • 12pm PDT: Joaquin Gustav
  • 1pm PDT: Sonya Jevette
  • 2pm PDT: DJ SheriffDawn Summers

Sunday 27th Schedule

  • 10am PDT: DJ LadyJo Martin
  • 11am PDT: DJ planned
  • 1pm PDT: DJ Jazzy Chatterbox
  • 2pm PDT: Casias Falta
  • 3pmPDT : Truelie Ellen

The OSG7B Regions







For the latest OSG7B events, visit the OSG7B Celebration Planning and Schedules Forum page.




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Rounding out July

Many new additions made their way to MOSP this hot summer month. Outdoor seating complete with food (of course) can be found outside the Cafe 51 in the full sim city.

Plushy new furniture makes the library in The Villas (Spring Romance) even nicer.

Also in The Villas (look in the hallway alcoves) a very pretty dressing table perfect for close up shots. There are many props and both poses and animations.

The Sound Stages have had some upgrades and additions including this fixer upper prop I am thinking in Sound Stage 2 (she says hopefully).

It is always good to keep abreast of the plethora of areas at MOSP. Even more so in September when you skills at remembering will get you some prizes. It will be the two year anniversary and I couldn't let that pass without some sort of celebration. So keep your eyes open for announcements as time draws closer.

With Announcement of Second Life 2, SLers Must Consider Embracing Virtual Worlds Unlike What They Know Now

UPDATE, 7/25: Post bumped up for weekend reading/discussion! On June 20, the day when news broke that Linden Lab is working on a successor to Second Life, a subtle but important shift of perspective started among the SL community, and...

When You Realize You’re Related to Another SL User

AM Radio just sent me this interesting coda to my profile of him in Polygon: SL fashionista Gabriella Karillion was checking her real life Facebook wall, noticed people sharing the article in which AM Radio's RL name is publicly revealed...

How to Process & Socially Share SL Images From Within SL

Caitlin Tobias has a thorough and totally useful tutorial for editing, processing, and socially sharing (to Flickr, Facebook or Twitter) Second Life images from directly within the Second Life viewer. (As opposed to saving screenshots to your hard drive, uploading...

A Taste of the Wastes: Fallout-Inspired Fashions Arrive in SL

Janine "Iris Ophelia" Hawkins' ongoing review of gaming and virtual world style What's the best way to play a Fallout game? With the music dialed up to 11? Yes. Rocking your Pip-Boy like a particularly bulky Rolex? Mhm. Tearing through...

No adults allowed…


Building – Scarlet Creative – Art cabin

Sign – Kuro & Consignment – Max’s hideout sign (Soon @ Where the wilds things are)Snapshot_004 Snapshot_005

Monster – Breno – Snarky monsters (@ L’amitie Summer Market)

Drawing – Conspiracy theory – Drawing set

String + Cups + Papers – MudHoney – Kids art set

Brushes – XIAJ – Dox paint brushes (@ The Seasons Story)Snapshot_006 Snapshot_016

Tent – Kuro & Consignment – Max’s hideout tent (Soon @ Where the wild things are)

Flowers – {What next} – Cornwall daisies planter

Curtains – Ink – Damage curtain

Rug – MudHoney – Sloth rug

Books – Kuro & Consignment – Max’s hideout books (Soon @ Where the wild things are)

Teddy bear – Kuro & Consignment – Max’s hideout Kirsty bear (Soon @ Where the wild things are)Snapshot_012 Snapshot_011 Snapshot_013 Snapshot_008

Bed – Vespertine – Wildwood daybed (for Fifty linden fridays)

Cardboard – Alouette – Green alien cutout

Bulb – 7 emporium – Floor bulb

Books – Kuro & Consignment – Max’s hideout books (Soon @ Where the wild things are)

Pencils – XIAJ – Pencil and eraser set (@ The Seasons Story)

Doll – MudHoney – Kelly

Poster – Kuro & Consignment – Max’s hideout poster (Soon @ Where the wild things are)

Bear – Boogers – Wear-a-bear hangSnapshot_007 Snapshot_015 Snapshot_014

Stool – Kuro & Consignment – Max’s hideout stool (Soon @ Where the wild things are)

Lamp – Vespertine – Anthropologie lamp

Giraffe – MishMish – Baby giraffe (@ Collabor 88)

Fairy – Ohmai! – Lady bug fairy

Radio – Tres Blah – Bon voyage clock radio

Hammer – Kuro & Consignment – Max’s hideout tools (Soon@ Where the wild things are)

The Best Things in Life Are Free, Including The Sims 2 Ulimate Collection

Janine "Iris Ophelia" Hawkins' ongoing review of gaming and virtual world style Just shy of ten years after its initial release, EA announced that they will no longer be offering support or patches for The Sims 2, the second installment...

Buy Your SysAdmin A Beer, Even If It’s Virtual

The first rule of SysAdmin club is that nobody talks about SysAdmin club. The second rule of SysAdmin club is “How can I perform this boring bulk task with a script?” Today, the last Friday in July is the fourteenth Systems Administrator Appreciation Day. Generally people outside of SysAdmin groups aren’t aware this day exists, indeed plenty of people inside SysAdmin groups aren’t aware this day exists.

xkcd have a comic explaining the devotion to duty that goes into being a SysAdmin :

A comic should be here

Devotion To Duty


SysAdmins are the people who make it possible to login to your systems, be it at work, Second Life, Kitely, Inworldz, OpenSim, World Of Warcraft yadda yadda yadda. They help you recover that data you didn’t backup, they help you connect to the wireless network despite the instructions on how to do so being on the wall above their head.

They ask you “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” and really mean it as a helpful suggestion and have scorn poured upon them for doing so. No really, it’s a good tip, trust me I’m a Sys…  umm blogger.

Plenty of SysAdmins you don’t see very often, they are mysterious, they may well spend most of their time in what is known as “The Server Room“, a place that is air conditioned to an absurd level to stop the servers from overheating, it’s cold in there and often dark, but these are the sort of conditions in which a SysAdmin can thrive. When you see them at an office function you ask someone else who they are, and the other person reveals their name, a name you’ve heard of, a name you’ve cursed, the name of the person who put a limit on your mailbox and refused to even consider raising said limit until you’d deleted those funny cat videos.

SysAdmins can in many cases be easy to spot, they are usually the people with their heads in their hands after yet another wonderful idea from senior management undid all the good work they carried out after the last wonderful idea from senior management.

There are some myths about SysAdmins, for example it’s not true that they should not be fed after midnight, nor is it true that they will all be attending Comic-Con this weekend. However I’m sure there are plenty of SysAdmins ensuring Comic-Con is a successful event.

Appreciation of SysAdmins shouldn’t just come from end users, it should also come from fellow workers. Linden Lab staff should be today hugging their SysAdmins, they should be making them cups of tea and coffee, they should be chair lifting them to the nearest bar after work (after ensuring they have a mobile device with them to perform emergency SysAdmin work) and they should be buying them beer and food.

Of course Second Life users can’t do this, they should raise a virtual glass to the SysAdmins who make their very presence in the virtual world possible. Appreciate your SysAdmins, they are not just out to annoy you, they are there to fight evil and seek out truth, justice and unpatched ports.

SysAdmins should have their cables ready to plug in to the brave new metaverse, one where we they unite and take over the world, but that’s part of the secret master plan, don’t reveal too much too soon, no matter how many beers your co-workers buy you!

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