Tearing Down Home

Now open at Influence Art Gallery, curated by Yvan Slade, is Tearing Down Home by Haveit Neox. The artist's usual signatures are present throughout the work: earthen tones of browns and grays, large and slowly moving textures, and humanoid forms, now rendered, as he notes, in mesh using ZBrush. The work poses the questions: "Why are you tearing down your beautiful home? Why are you tearing down the planet as well?" Despite my own fidelity toward environmental ideals, the installation didn't engross me as much as Haveit's works usually do. (For me, it's more powerful to focus on possible solutions rather than the discouraging state of the overall problem, and the latter is the focus here.) He adds, "In my exhibit, people are tearing down their home — a symbol of losing contact with the planet which shelters life. Territorialism and profit at any price are human priorities. They outweigh the necessary steps in saving the Earth before the harm soon becomes irreversible. The motif of dried leaves shows the remnants of Nature blowing into the crumbling structure. Instead of grasses, molds, insects or other life forms that would have naturally spread throughout ruins, I show the Nature we killed: the dried remains of life."

Sculpture in motion

Kelly Yap Art Gallery is hosting two exhibits, both of which opened on Saturday July 26th, 2014. On the ground floor of the gallery is a series of sculptures by Neeks Karu, while upstairs is Betty Tureaud latest installation. I confess that Neeks Karu is not a name that rings bells with me – which […]

SL projects update week 31/1: server, group chat

Server Deployments Week 31 As always, please refer to the server deployment thread for the latest news and updates. Main (SLS) Channel On Tuesday July 29th, the Main channel was updated with remaining recent feature changes and bug fixes previously deployed to the RC channels. Namely: Fix for “Temp Attachments are sometimes not removed on […]

Terraform Me

No. You cannot terraform me…..:P

Terraform Me is the name of a LL-owned region, next to Linden Estate Services 4, and both sims are amazingly terraformed. A wonderful example of artsy fartsy landscaping, which makes it perfect  places for unreal photoshoots if you take the time to fiddle with windlights and shadows :).
When you check them on the wordmap, you will see what I mean:

WorldMap terraform me

When on the ground, you wont see much, the trick is to crank up your graphics (oh yeah, let the machines moan!) and increase your draw distance to at least 500 meter and then zoom out!

I took some pictures, on both sims,  this morning, and yet again I did not photoshop any of them but directly uploaded them to Flickr (I still find that fun!).
(The only processed/photoshopped image is the banner-image which shows on the frontpage of my blog)
Terraform  Me
Terraform Me
Starry Mountains, side view

Starry Mountains

Welcome To The Family



Alterego Tummy Tank – Dope (Suicide Dollz!) / Nana Mermaid Leggings – Black (Suicide Dollz!) / Adore & Abhor Platform Sneaks – White w/ Camo HUD / Cute Poison Tagged Necklace – C*nt / Olive The Refreshed Bear Trap Bracelet – Gunmetal

TSG Baby Skin & Appliers – D Tone / Slink Hands – Casual / Loud Mouth Alli & Bucked Teeth / Wowmeh Silhouette V1 (Not Available) / Mandala Omimi Stretched Ears – Plug Hole Size 3 / Little Bones Trouble Hair – Chromatic (Thanks Nova!) / Elska The Needle Tattoo / Aitui Tong Septum Piercing – Matte / Hebenon Vial Ain’t Piercing – Ink Colours (Face) / Hebenon Vial Churchgoer Piercing (Belly) / TSG Summer Eyes – Ice Blue

Elephante Poses – Getting Better (Thanks MJ!)

Welcome to the Family by A Day To Remember



This morning, Honour McMillan poked me with an IM saying only "psssssst" accompanied by a teleport offer, which fortunately I accepted, and arrived at the gorgeous sim of L'Arc-en-Ciel. It's a new design from Asa Vordun, previously creator of Caprice and Easy A, about which I wrote here. (You can enjoy Honour's take on the sim, "Gorgeous Scenery on Don’t Be a Dick Day in Second Life," here.) Truth be told, I don't think there are any rainbows in L'Arc-en-Ciel, but that hardly detracts from the region's stunning beauty.

Asa tells me she continues to make subtle changes to the sim here and there, although it's essentially finished, so you might notice a few differences from images shown here, on which you can click to zoom in. "I love to make something that others could enjoy, too," she remarked. It's a region of not only sweeping vistas but also small details, where we can enjoy a great view but also walk along a path to discover something that emerges right in front of us. Indeed, the landscaping is such that as we pan around, moving our camera along the horizon, our eyes are treated to just enough, whether a rocky outcrop, a campsite, a beach house, a two-masted schooner (which is actually off the sim), a lighthouse, a birdwatch nest, or any one of a number of other elements.

I found it most enjoyable to explore L'Arc-en-Ciel by foot, beginning from the pier at the landing point, which provides remarkable panoramas, then heading onto a series of islands connected by wooden footbridges. Having walked the distance, which snaked around in several directions, I had the sensation of having explored far more than the breadth of one sim. The region's windlight setting is Annan Adored's Mysterious Sunset II, shown below, but I also enjoyed Annan's Morning Dream setting, seen in the first and third images here. Contributions to L'Arc-en-Ciel may be made along the pier as you walk toward land.

Bits and Pieces Catch Up

Poll JuicyBomb has a poll running on whether you wear a mesh body; never, some of the time, always. Check it out and vote: POLL: MESH BODY. I’m thinking about getting one. I have the Slink demo. My thinking is there are not enough clothes yet. So, may be latter. Dolphin Viewer There is a … Continue reading »

Analyst Forecasts 83M VR Headset Owners by 2018 – A Forecast on the High Side (But Also Not High Enough) UPDATE: Philip Rosedale, Palmer Luckey Comment

UK virtual world/reality analyst KZero has a new report forecasting market growth of virtual reality, and here's the key infographic: KZero's summation: "By 2018 we estimate total HMD unit sales of almost 39m globally. This equates to a cumulative total...

Skill Gaming Policy delayed until 1st September 2014

Today Linden Lab announced a new date for the new Skill Gaming policy which will come into effect on 1st September 2014. The reason for the delay is due to the number of applications received and the lab needs more time to process them. Apparently FAQs will be updated to reflect the new date and more information about new Skill Gaming policy can be found in the links below.

The blog announcement…

As we recently blogged, we have a new policy for Skill Gaming in Second Life. In short, skill games that offer Linden Dollar payouts will be allowed in Second Life, but each game, its creator, its operator, and the region on which it’s operated must be approved by Linden Lab.

Today, we are changing the date that the changes described in our previous blog post go into effect. Instead of starting on August 1, the updated Skill Gaming Policy will go into effect on September 1, 2014. The original blog post and the FAQs will also be updated to reflect this new deadline.

Since our original announcement, we’ve received many applications from Second Life users who want to become approved skill game creators and operators. By moving the date back, we’ll be able to process a larger number of applications and also offer creators more time to make necessary changes to their games.

If you would like to apply to become an approved skill games creator and/or operator, you can do so through Echosign.

The changes were due to come into effect from Friday 1st August 2014, as previously announced by the lab.

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Second Life Private Sims Slip to 2008 Levels (But That’s OK)

This is the picture of an old majestic ship slowly sinking while the crew scavenges the hull to build an entirely new vessel: It is, of course, the current state of Second Life private sim ownership, the core revenue source...

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