Cobwebs and Cut-outs

It was one of his very favorite holidays.

Their first halloween – was it only a year ago now? – had been marked by something of a dispirited fete. The vampire gala they’d been so looking forward to had, in the end, been a formal affair – to the point of painfulness, where their festive quips about torture and titillation had drawn the ire of the coterie there. No matter: another year, another chance to celebrate, this time in a style to which they were accustomed. But first? First, there had to be invitations.

Naturally, the elder vampire had set the fledgling – and his ghoul – to the task. “Cobwebs and bats. Lots of bats.”


Lighting alone had taken near an hour; by the time the ghoul was finished snapping pictures, four or five hours later, the elder’s mood had gone decidedly south. “Honestly, you’d think you’d never worked in daguerrotype before.” Still… after trial and error, more wasted plates than he cared to acknowledge, they seemed, at last, to have a reasonable base for the invitation. 

Festivities were afoot.


Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays – I think it comes from my love of masquerades as much as my appreciation for autumn in general – and over the past couple of years I’ve found myself getting into Halloween roleplay with my characters. Last year found my vampire, his (then) ghoul, and his blood doll all stuck at a party he largely considered dead (pun intended) – so this year he’s decided to take matters into his own hands. Disaster, I suspect, is nigh.

As for the pieces here, there’s a smattering of gothy/spooky pieces from a bunch of events across the grid right now. My vampire’s boots are a new release from C L A Vv., out at Genre’s “Androgyny” themed round (they come in brown, black, and maroon, and they’re unrigged so everyone can work them). The hat is a piece I found at a benefit event for Mental Health America, being held at Soundproof – there are some gachas, exclusives from a bunch of creators, and a portion of the proceeds go to a very worthy cause. Two new pieces – a cane from Souzou Eien and the spectacles from .random matter. – are from the recent round of Totally Top Shelf, which has tons of victorian-ish, seasonal creations up; I’m not entirely sure of the theme but if you bedazzled (and decapitated) Edgar Allen Poe, you’d probably be somewhere near the mark. And for those who are into more… adult play, I should note that the tops of the SE canes are… more than a little suggestive (whether the creator intended them to or not). Use your imagination when you get there – you’ll see what I mean.


Last but definitely not least – Kuro and Consignment released a DIY Halloween decoration kit at Kustom9, and it’s easily one of my new favorite holiday decoration sets. While I don’t have out some of the actual crafting pieces – supplies, a treat bag – or all of the various decor bits, just the ones that I included for shadows here should give a good indication of how detailed the (gacha, I should note) set is.


On the Vampire:

Hairbase: Tableau Vivant – Nyoki hairbase
Skin: Elysium – Jon skin
Eyes: #adored – cloud eyes (soot)* (out now at Mystic Realms Faire)
Pants: Pumpkin – Skintight pants
Hat: Death Row Designs – tophatspider (out now at Soundproof’s benefit for Mental Health America)
Glasses: .random.Matter. – Bram Glasses (out now at Totally Top Shelf)
Necklace: Sad Harlekin – Anniana Rune Necklace (Black)* (@ MRF)
Coat: ::K:: – Wrap Coat Homme (out now at FaMESHed)
Shoes: C L A Vv. – Platform Boots I* (out now at Genre)
Cane: Souzou Eien – Dapper Cane (@ TTS)
Pose: Elephante Poses – Under Your Spell

Kuro & [Con.] – [DIY HALLOWEEN] set (Paper Owl Tree, Paper Bat, Cardboard RIP)* (out now at Kustom9)

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Playing House in Second Life

I used to be one of those people who would say "I don't understand the need for realistic houses in SL. Why do I need a kitchen? My avatar doesn't eat!" and "Oh why don't we all just live inside fluffy cupcakes or on top of rainbows." You know the type. That was me.

Now? I love nothing more than finding the perfect rug or hall tree for my home. I put up and tear down houses at a rate of at least one a month. I have no idea why doing this gives me pleasure but I have given up trying to understand it myself. I enjoy it. I do it. The end.

Here are a few pictures from my most recent adventure in playing house. I have the *best* kitchen!

I am absolutely not going to list and name the designer of every piece of furniture and decor item because this is not a Home and Garden blog. Having said that if there is anything in these pictures you need to know more about, by all means ask in the comments or shoot me an email. I am happy to track down the name of the designer and send you a LM to the store if I can.

As always these are all raw shots, straight from SL. Click to view bigger and more detailed images please.

Take a Walk on the Darkside — of October

Many people say they love the month of October, when the world is decked out in leaves of the brightest colors. They love the crisp weather, snuggly nights, and wearing layers of keep-me-warm clothing.

But there is another side to October, a darker side.

The dark side of October is the scary season of Halloween, when a person’s inner self feels a bit darker, the dressing all in black, head-to-toe darkness, with a touch of otherworldness.

Vampire Hunter

The dark side of October is that first cold wind coming down from the north, that sends a shiver down your back. It tells you, with a certainty, that those chilly, cutting winter winds are on their way.

The dark side of October is nightfall arriving visibly sooner, and lasting longer each night.

Then, of course, there is the partial eclipse of the sun on Oct. 23. This partial solar eclipse will be visible in most of North America.

Now, that is a real dark side of October.

* * *
NOTE: The above photo is from Ample Avi, the Full Figured Shape Shop, and the shape is Lilith.

Return of the spooky walkies

We’re in the run-up to Halloween, and as expected, the Destination Guide is getting lots of entries suited to the time of year – including the Lab’s own Haunted Halloween Tour, which I recently tried. Some of the offerings for this Halloween are new, and some are back for a further round of fun / […]

Photoshop CC 2014

There are some tutorials coming out from Adobe showing what is new in the latest releases of Photoshop. This one is on the font selection changes made recently. See: Adobe Typekit. We now have far more ways to find fonts and preview them than we used to have. There is now an easy way to … Continue reading »

Blender 2.72a Released

Blender 2,72a is out and it has a bug. So, we’ll likely see 2.72b release on Tuesday. The bug is a crash caused by trying to paint on a surface that does not yet have a UVMap. You can read the Developer Notes to see what is going on. Download Blender 2.72a. Find out what … Continue reading »

Journalist Critical of GamerGate Posts Best Critique of GamerGate Directly in GamerGate Forum

This is probably the best critique of #GamerGate ever written by a mainstream journalist, and ironically enough, it's posted on /KotakuinAction, the central headquarters for the "movement" on Reddit. It's by Jesse Singal, Senior Editor at, who also writes...

The Attic

I thought I’d dip my toes back into this thing, seeing as how I’ve had a shift in my work schedule for the rest of the month. I’ve been in love with Trompe Loeil‘s newest skybox, which can be found at Collabor88. You should be able to get in and shop freely now, since it’s just about the end of the month!

the attic

While I consider it more of a penthouse than an attic, it’s gorgeous nonetheless. The Attic skybox is split into three open concept rooms, each with a fireplace of its own, giving you the freedom and flexibility to decide what each room is.

There’s some incredible details, such as the door frames, the crown molding (which is something I’ve wanted IRL for ages), and the beautiful window nooks.

Definitely worth a peek, especially at the discounted Collabor88 price!

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Second Life News Bits 2014-43

This past weekend was a party weekend for me. I’m still moving a bit slow today. Viewer Oz Linden says that when the Benchmark RC Viewer, the one that stops using a GPU Table to select viewer settings, everyone will get a viewer-settings reset to what the viewer now thinks your default settings should be. … Continue reading »

Ghost Train Ride at London City Dungeons in Second Life

Torric Rodas has uploaded a new video this week on the new ghost train ride at London City Dungeons in Second Life which is really cool and exciting. The video runs for 1 minute and 51 seconds featuring scary scenes from the ghost train ride and more. Wooooot!!! :D

Ride the Ghost Train through 10 crypts featuring the horrible history of Britain throughout the ages. Each catacomb relieves another era from Jack The Ripper, The Black Death, Boiling in Oil and other pleasantries that put the Great in Britain…. all from the comfort of your arm-chair!


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