Putting It Together

Part way through the pilot of Gotham, the need to write was too strong to ignore. Five minutes in and I was back in film school. Sure, there was a plot, good acting and such but I was too busy watching the staging and the cinematic choices to give those parts of the equation their due.

Back in the day -- and it was awhile ago -- all of us in "group" found that our visions of film had changed. It was all about choices -- lighting, setting, camera angles, the actions in the background -- you get the idea. Our focus was not actually on the film but on the making of the film.

I found myself returning to that mode tonight on so many levels it was quite amazing. Gotham is not really my type of show. A little too gritty, a little too harsh -- I typically prefer escapism or at least philosophical renditions of life. It is unlikely it will remain in my favorites list, but it definitely grabbed me from a cinematographer's viewpoint.

So much smarter now than back in those filming days, I would like the chance for a do-over. That won't be happening; I will have to be content with "if I would have done ..." ideas. As machinimatographers we can learn from our real world counterparts. It is all part of the same process; simply a different venue.

The first thing that grabbed my attention was the set design. I felt like I was back in the forties; film noir aspects were prevalent but it was almost like being there. Later, I caught a shot with a 70s van in the background and wondered, "did they blow that?"  A few minutes further along a comment was made about a cell phone being out of juice.

OK. Got it. Took me awhile; happens some time.

I honestly haven't seen any television filmed this well since -- well Carnivale comes to mind but that might be because it is sitting in my Amazon streaming queue.

We don't have a huge number of present day works we can learn from. This is one of them. So take a look -- with a director's eye of course -- and see how the choices made effected the whole. I think you might learn something. I certainly did.

MachinimUWA VII: Misio’s Toys and Jjccc sees A Wonderful World

 Misio2's "Virtual Toy Island Plankton"

Jjccc Coronet's "What a Wonderful World" 

Misio2 & Jjccc Coronet's films are the latest entries to the L$545,000++ MachinimUWA VII: Transcending Borders, the 7th UWA Short Animated Film Challenge. The 'Transcending Borders' theme was selected by Professor Ted Snell, Director of the Cultural Precinct, UWA and who inspired the very first of the UWA art challenges in 2009. This theme is in honour of the 'Transcending Borders' exhibition at UWA's Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery in 2014. CLOSING DATE FOR SUBMISSIONS IS 31st OCTOBER 2014.

You may interpret the theme as you see fit, however the average viewer would need to be able to appreciate how you fit this theme (alternatively, please indicate in the notes how it fits in the film notes on the web). Your machinima must be made specifically for this challenge, and this should be indicated in the opening credits 'For The University of Western Australia's MachinimUWA VII: Transcending Borders'. You do not have to film on the UWA sims, however this of course will be appreciated, and there is a Special UWA Prize which will be made available to a film which includes either Winthrop Clock Tower, The Somerville Auditorium or The Sunken Gardens.

ALSO, public viewing for TRANSCENDING BORDERS: The 5th UWA Grand 3D Art Challenge is now open (though the closing date for entries is the same as the Machinima - 31st October)

Special prizes are also offered for machinima that best portray one or a few of the artworks entered to TRANSCENDING BORDERS: The 5th UWA Grand 3D Art Challenge.

Do visit the UWA Challenge Gallery HERE to view the submissions so far

List of Submitted Machinima for MachinimUWA VII: Transcending Borders:
(In Reverse Klingon Alphabetical Order)

Sophia Yates (Lancaster Massachusetts, USA) - Transcending Borders

Misio2 (Melbourne, Australia) - Virtual Toy Island Plankton

jjccc Coronet (USA) - What a Wonderful World

The Naked Sailing Club

Of all the things one can do naked in Second Life, of course…sailing is one of them! Now, I have never felt the need to sail naked in Real Life, and to be honest…not even in Second Life, because..well, why? And also, The Blake Seas where I usually sail do not allow it.

Two friends of me, Beth and her partner Hugh, are a tad more into nudity/naturism, and sailing-enthusiasts, and they told me about the Naked Sailing Club in Second Life, where one can sail over 9 sims, in ..ahem…birthday-suit (mandatory by the way, clothes are frowned upon).
With all the new mesh bodies these days, I have one too, I must say….Second Life’s Nudity is good looking and so, oh well…why not….I decided to go see and try.

@ The Naked Sailing Club

Needless to say, The Naked Sailing Club is Adult-rated, and to be able to moor your boat you need to be a member, which costs 150 LS. I paid and moored the Dutchess (first  IN the clubhouse, then on another boat and finally in the water…sigh) and dressed in my new mesh body..I sailed away!

Naked Sailing Club - I

Strong winds, I think I have never sailed so fast, at some point going over 7 knots! Wooohoo!

Naked Sailing Club - III

After an hour of sailing, returned to the Clubhouse and looked around a bit. It is not like sailing the huge Blake Sea, this club is also for socializing and meeting people, hence the clubhouse. One can also rent a spot to keep the boat moored, so you do not have to pick it up every time after sailing.
(All information on prices and rules are available in the clubhouse, at the north-side of the building).

I sat on the deck, with a magazine, looking at the sunset and I think I will come here more often for a short trip with the Dutchess :)

@ The Naked Sailing Club

The NSC has a Flickr Group with more images from members (nudity may appear).

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Blender Texturing Tips

Indigo Mertel has a Plurk on an article on Blender Nation: 5 Texturing Tips for Technical Artists. Tis is well worth you time to check out. The tips are for rendering in Blender. For us in Second Life™ this means they are good for baking textures.