When Pretty breaks up with you


The Festival of Sin is coming to a rapid end and that gives you, oh wide eyed shopper, a little less than three days to head on over and commit   pick up some fabulous finds.

Oh you caught that reverse mirror effect thing did you? Good times, good times.

Breaking up with ‘Pretty’  was actually easier than I thought. First, I lost a couple of hours of sleep here and there.

Then, I convinced myself that Gachas are necessary for a thriving, relevant image, so I stayed up even later carefully manipulating each treasured item to its proper placement.

Pretty finally looked back at me in the mirror and said, “Oh Bumble, you have got to go to SLEEP!” (silly mirror, what does it know?). It was pretty horrifying.

But I’m ready to make up again.


Have a great rest of your evening and should you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the box below.


*Exposeur – Luxury Closet Gacha – Closet with Prop Room | Festival of Sin II (Greedy)
-Exposeur – Luxury Closet Gacha – Chair
-Exposeur – Luxury Closet Gacha – Chair w/ Blanket
-Exposeur – Luxury Closet Gacha – Hanging Blouse
-Exposeur – Luxury Closet Gacha – Hanging Pants
-Exposeur – Luxury Closet Gacha – Hanger Group of Three
-Exposeur – Luxury Closet Gacha – Pillow Stack
-Exposeur – Luxury Closet Gacha – Dress Form – Red
-Exposeur – Luxury Closet Gacha – Hanging Sweatshirt
-Exposeur – Luxury Closet Gacha – Dress Form – Pink
-Exposeur – Luxury Closet Gacha – Keepsake Boxes
-Exposeur – Luxury Closet Gacha – Nail Polish Rack

*Plethora – The Breakup Set Gacha| Festival of Sin II (Wrath)
-Plethora – Shattered Mirror – Light Wood
-Plethora – Mirror Shards
-Plethora – Bent Golf Club
-Plethora – Voodoo Doll – Tan
-Plethora – Ripped Photo – Left and Right Side

Arcade Gacha Event for September
Intrigue Co. – Brew York: Returned Postage
Intrigue Co – Brew York: Magna Draw (Touch to Interact)
8f8 – Storyteller’s Burrow – Whisky Set
8f8 – Storyteller’s Burrow – Out of Tea

*tarte. organization board (yellow & grey)
Apple Fall Magazine Files
Apple Fall iFall Notebook 2015
Apple Fall Hydrangea Bunch
Chez Moi Rug Leaves
Bitter Vanilla Drawer
tarte. artsy books
[[RH]] ZABUTON (Stripe)
Plaaka Papers B
The Loft Frezza Baby’s Breath

On Me:
*Top- Masoom Choco Love Jacket | Festival of Sin II (Greedy)
*Shorts- Masoom Choco Love Shorts | Festival of Sin II (Greedy)
*Hair- Elikatira Estelle | FaMESHed
*Shoes- Essenz Bologna | New @ Mainstore
*Prop- +Pepper+ Top Koality Hugs (shoulder) | Festival of Sin II (Greedy)
*Pose- Sari-Sari Comfy Sits (Modded) | Kustom9
Head-Lelutka Leda
Body- Maitreya Lara 3.3
Skin- Lara Hurley Iza Dark Tan Applier


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Second Life User Demographics & Personality: Older, More Gender-Balanced & Focused on Design Than Other MMOs

Here's the Second Life-related results* of that survey of gaming personality I mentioned last month, a kind of Myers-Briggs test for gamers created by Quantic Foundry, a game behavior analytics consultancy co-founded by my colleague Nick Yee. Nick was kind...

YouTube Gaming Could Just About Be the Best Thing to Ever Happen to Second Life, And I’ll Tell You Why

Last week as I watched Jessica Pixel on her live YouTube Gaming channel (right here), it occurred to me it's just about the coolest way to use Second Life I've seen in quite awhile. In fact, I annotated a screengrab...

Bright Canopy Get The Notion That Customers Might Tip The Boat Over

Image for Bright Canopy

Bright Canopy, the company behind running Second Life (and OpenSim) in a web browser, recently announced that they were ready for launch. An inital price of $17.00 a month was announced, with an advisory that this may change if demand exceeded expectations.

Linden Lab then blogged about the service :

This weekend, an exciting new service is launching: Bright Canopy. With Bright Canopy, you can use either the official Second Life Viewer or the Firestorm Viewer to access Second Life in your web browser, and you can enjoy great performance and graphics, without a high-spec PC.

Customers flocked to the ship on the ocean, sailing with an inventory of love and devotion for the bold new product. Alas, it quickly became apparent to the Bright Canopy that customers weren’t just going to rock the boat, they were going to tip the boat over. This was of course not the desired outcome, forcing the Bright Canopy team to blog; We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat :

We’ve had so much response that we are going to have to make a change and offer a different plan to make sure we are sustainable and can be around long enough to take advantage of much more affordable hosting options from Frame in a few months.

New signups were put on hold and Bright Canopy were transparent about what had happened :

We burned through our contingency in a few hours. We tried modifying some things, but it just wasn’t something that could be fixed with a knob. We talked over our options and looked at the numbers. In order to be able to offer a service of any sort, we knew we would have to make changes.

There will be a limited time offer of a $10 credit for the first month, meaning the first month will be $7. This is our way of thanking you for bearing with us. This offer expires 12AM SLT on Sunday, September 6th. After that, each month will be $17. The plan comes with 20 hours, and additional time is available for $0.013 per minute.

This isn’t what we planned, and making the change is hard, but we believe it is the only way to keep this service available for the people who need it.

One thing was very clear, there was a larger demand for this service than had been anticipated.

Hamlet Au over at New World Notes, blogged on the subject and said :

So looks like there’s a hunger for this service, if it can only scale. The company is currently not accepting new subscribers while they rejigger things,

Inara Pey also blogged on the subject and Inara’s post is choc full of details on what has happened :

While there were the inevitable hiccups which tend to accompany such launches, it was the overall demand which perhaps caused the fledgling company the most problems. So much so, that Bright Canopy have been forced to revise their subscription model, and suspend the service while they do so.

That new subscription model is one that people need to pay attention to :

  • From Sunday, September 6th, those signing-up to the service will be charged $17.00 a month for up to 20 hours of use. Additional time will be charged at $0.013 per minute.
  • From now until 12:00 am on Sunday, September 6th, those who signed up for the service will be charged $7.00 for 20 hours, then at the $0.013 per minute.
  • All existing subscriptions have been cancelled, and all existing users will need to subscribe to the new plan once the door is open to subscriptions once more.

An experience like this, at launch is bound to make some customers think twice about subscribing again. Another issue to note is that the new pricing model is clearly not as attractive as the original one was, even though that original price point was higher than that of SL Go from OnLive. Inara states in her blog post :

As noted earlier in this article, Bright Canopy hope the new plan will be an interim measure. The problem here of course is that 20 hours + $0.013 a minute isn’t going to be that attractive an offering to users – something Bright Canopy is all too aware of. With many users spending tens of hours a week in-world, the additional costs could easily mount up, and so people are understandably going to be more focused on the potential for additional costs than on the potential for improved pricing down the road.

The challenge therefore that now stands in front of Bright Canopy, the cloud platform Frame and Amazon’s spot instances is that of getting a product that meets the needs of people at a price that they feel comfortable with. An important point to note here is that it appears that people will happily pay a flat subscription fee, it’s the by the minute fees that give people the heebie jeebies. The really important thing to note here is that it’s likely people will pick a subscription price that may well be higher than their by the minute usage would be, but they are comfortable with the knowledge of how much those subscription prices will be.

Can Bright Canopy, Frame and Amazon make this work? Time will tell, but it’s now abundantly clear that demand for such services is most definitely there. Sony dropped the ball on this one when they hid OnLive’s technology in the Sony cupboard.

Please do read Inara Pey’s post for a more detailed explanation of events, services and comments from Bill Glover of Bright Canopy.


Initiate (new from The Forge @ Fantasy Collective)

Initiate's Mask

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I’m tinkering around Empire of Ar as an Initiate, and since it’s a role that’s played so rarely in Gorean roleplay, I wanted to take a moment to show the avatar I put together – and talk about some of the different stylistic choices I’m making with this guy (as opposed to, say, your traditional idea of an Initiate).

One of the things most associated with the Initates is the color white, and their white robes – I haven’t strayed from that at all here, and my Initiate wears a simple white toga religiously (har har). I’ve blogged it before, but I can’t say enough nice things about it – this is the Jaxon toga from Stitched, and it comes in three styles (with various decorative elements) and a bunch of colors. It also works flawlessly with both standard SL avatars and mesh avatars – though you don’t see my character’s body, above, I find I can actually wear this piece without fiddling with my alpha hud at all. Definitely a must have for anyone into the… well, toga scene, really.

But the centerpiece of the avatar – and what sets him apart from most other Initiates I’ve seen – is the headpiece; I’m calling it a mask, The Forge officially calls it the “Singh Facechains,” and it’s out now at The Fantasy Collective. I’ve been a longtime fan of The Forge’s weapons, armor, and collar, but when I see that they’ve made something for women I tend to assume it won’t work – pieces like body chains made to contour a female av just aren’t going to work for a male av.

This set, however, absolutely does work – resized up a bit, it fit beautifully on my TMP head, with only the tiniest place where chains dipped into my av’s mesh near the bottom, back of his head; for anyone who is actually wearing hair, this will likely work flawlessly. Granted – the books don’t explicitly say “Initiates wore dangly golden bauble-chains on their heads.” But they also don’t say that, and I tend to favor a less is more approach with regards to how strict people enforce content that’s absent from the books. The chains come in a number of colors, and while intended for female avs (I assume), I cannot recommend them enough for guys who want a bit of extra flash on their avatar; slaves, Initiates, poets and performers would all be equally well suited to this stunning piece.

And last but certainly not least, the two appliers my initiate is wearing (besides his skin and face – Tableau Vivant’s Kat in tone 6) – beautiful unisex eyeliners from Aii and White Widow’s Tombstone tattoo. The former come in several styles and shapes, all of which looked fantastic on the av, and for under 100L should easily be a staple for anyone wearing the TMP head. WW’s tattoo comes in multiple intensities (my character is wearing a faded version, above); while I can’t say it’s necessarily (or at all) based on the books, I can’t help but love the way they look on my Initiate, with a faintly abstract styling that seems almost like it could be ritual or religious ink. Gorgeous, gorgeous work, and absolutely highly recommended.


Body & Head: The Mesh Project – Deluxe BodyThe Mesh Project – Head (Classic)
Skin Appliers: Tableau Vivant – Kat face applier (Tone 6)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – Ultimate Mesh Eyes (Faded Hazel)
Tunic: Stitched – Jaxon (S) White
Mask/Face Chains: [The Forge] Singh Facechains, Gold (out now at The Fantasy Collective)
Tattoo: White Widow – Tombstone for Men
Eyeliner: Aii – TMP Unisex Eyeliner Megapack

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Second Life Bits Week 36

Loki Eliot has an article up on why we aren’t hearing much about Experience Tools or seeing much in the way of ‘Experiences’. See: Where are the Seamless Experiences? SL Streaming In an earlier post I wrote of YouTube Gaming. Below is a recording of someone using it and streaming motion-capture into Second Life™. Hamlet has a … Continue reading

Second Life project updates 36/1: server, viewer

Le Avaline Village August 2015 (Flickr) – blog post Server Deployments Week 36 As always, please refer to the server deployment thread for the latest information / updates. On Tuesday, September, 1st, the Main (SLS) channel received the server maintenance package deployed to all three RC channels in week #35, comprising: A fix for BUG-9504 […]

Faces of Longing and Grief

Opening today, Wednesday, September 2 at 1 pm slt, is Faces of Longing and Grief, an exhibition of images by Maloe Vansant at the Dathúil gallery, curated by Lucy (Lucy Diam0nd). Nearly all of the photos are facial shots, capturing a mood or moment of longing or grief, as the title suggests. Saying, "That's what I try to express with my pictures," Maloe offers two quotes: "The Portuguese call it saudade: a longing for something so indefinite as to be indefinable. Love affairs, miseries of life, the way things were, people already dead, those who left and the ocean that tossed them on the shores of a different land — all things born of the soul that can only be felt." (Anthony De Sa, Barnacle Love); and "Now something so sad has hold of us that the breath leaves and we can't even cry." (Charles Bukowski, You Get So Alone at Times That It Just Makes Sense).

What is particularly challenging for a Second Life photographer attempting to capture subtle emotions is that the default avatar's ability to express is very limited — the face is generally static, aside from a strongly affected-looking optional smile, frown, wink and so on. The photographer must therefore resort to light and color in an attempt to draw forward or suggest some emotion, and several of Maloe's images do this particularly well. The artist has generously set all of the images for sale for free, so those who admire her work will certainly be adding to their collections. The exhibition will remain on display through the end of September.

Longing and Grief in Second Life

Opening on Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015 at Dathúil Gallery, owned by Max Butoh and curated by Lυcy (LucyDiam0nd), is a new exhibition by Maloe Vansant, entitled Faces of Longing and Grief. As the title suggests, this is a series of studies of the human face – mostly female (Maloe herself, I believe), although Maloe’s partner, […]

Popular events happening during September 2015 in Second Life

It’s already September and there are many popular events happening this month. Spread the word and add these events to your calendar.

If you know of any other events happening in Second Life during September 2015 that you are excited about then please comment below.

Have a great month all :)

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