Art in ice

Running through until January 2015 at the Paris Metro Art Gallery is an exhibition of SL landscapes by Olympes Rhodes, featuring a collection of pictures captured from around Second Life which reflect the theme of winter in one way or another. Some twenty-one pictures are on display, arranged on two levels within the gallery space, which […]

Why Jenn Frank’s Back Writing About Games & Second Life – Despite Gamergate (NWN Guest Post)

Last September, noted game journalist and reviewer Jenn Frank became a primary target for Gamergate, the small but zealous "activist" group generally seen as a reactionary backlash against feminist and socially progressive elements in the game industry. After writing a...

And The Winner Is…

***Walks into the room two men all dressed up for Christmas and carrying two large covered photo frames.***

Oh hey there everyone! Well I know you all have been waiting, some impatiently, to hear who won LUMIPro's Holiday Advertisement Contest. Well here they are... 

***Steps in front of the two frames and pulls the covers off to reveal the advertisements.***

by Sumomo Cheri

by Peep Sideshow

***Watches as a third person walks into the room carrying another large photo frame and places it next to the others.***

Oh yes! There were so many great entries Stefan could not just pick two; take a look at his third selection!

by Ravenlynn Templar

Everyone did such an amazing job! We really want to thank everyone who participated. All of the entries were so amazing that you never know when they might just pop up! Sumomo, Peep, and Raven all received 5,000 lindens for being our winners... Congratulations!

LUMIPro is the perfect holiday gift for all the photographers in your life, from a pro to those just learning the ropes. 

***Gets up slowly walking to the door, turning off the lights, and switching on the holiday lights before turning to smile.***

With that said... Happy Holidays and Happy Shooting!

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Former Lindens Making The News, Games, Music & Art

Some former Lindens are making the news or quietly making moves in certain areas. Hamlet Au over at New World Notes reported : Cory Ondrejka Leaving Facebook to Launch New Company: Second Life Co-Creator Helped Drive Oculus Acquisition. Cory, who was once Linden Lab CTO and played an extremely important role in the evolution of Second Life. Cory, whilst praising Mark Zuckerberg as his best ever boss is also quoted as saying :

December 22nd will be my last day at Facebook. From high-performance javascript through mobile to virtual reality, I could never have predicted a journey quite like this one. I will miss working with everyone, but I am excited about building my next company from scratch.

We’ll come back to that quote later because it’s not an easy step to make. Meanwhile, VentureBeat reports : Metric Insights’ $2M funding reflects the feisty nature of the business analytics market. Metric Insights are, as the title of the linked article suggests, in the business of business analytics. The founder of Metric Insights is not a name I’m familiar with, his name is Marius Moscovici. However the article provides the link to Linden Lab :

Moscovici originally got the startup going in 2010 after he had been frustrated by the lack of extensive and consistent usage of analytics tools at Second Life developer Linden Lab, where he was head of the company’s data warehousing and real-time-analytics group. Previously he had run a business-intelligence consulting company.

I’m not sure if Marius was ever a Linden we’d know from inworld. Maybe someone else knows. However rather interestingly the article also suggests that Philip Rosedale participated in the funding.

Meanwhile, the Fort Mills Times Informs us : Tom Hale and Larry Kutscher Join ReachLocal Board of Directors. ReachLocal are a company who specialise in online marketing for local business. Tom Hale is currently the chief product of officer of HomeAway, a company who specialise in vacation rentals such as Beach Houses and cabins. Tom Hale was Linden Lab’s Chief Product officer between September 2008 and some time in 2010.

Then, a more quiet development that involves a certain Rod Humble, former CEO of Linden Lab.

Rod Humble announced he was leaving Linden Lab in January this year, Jo Yardley reported his departure and included this quote :

Its been a great 3 years! All my thanks to my colleagues at Linden Lab and our wonderful customers I wish you the very best for the future and continued success! I am starting-up a company to make Art, Entertainment and unusual things! More on that in a few weeks!

The weeks went by, so did the months and very little has been heard of him since. I mean I did dig up some clues about a Chap in a Hat but there hasn’t been much information. However there have been developments, one of which is the much improved ChapHat website which now informs us :

Chaphat was founded in 2014 by Rod Humble. The company makes unusual computer games, music and art.

The music, I had seen before whilst digging around. However not much was said of the games. However now there is a lot more information about the games, well one game anyway, Cults & Daggers :

Cults and Daggers is a strategy game set in the Hellenistic era between the death of Buddha and the birth of Christ.

You create your own religion and fight a secret war for the soul of the world. With your disciples you spread your faith throughout the Mediterranean world by preaching to the people and converting noble families.

You and the other cults are the hidden powers behind history, you secretly manipulate the rise and fall of great city states to further your ambitions.

But the Old God’s are also stirring, taking advantage of the time between Buddha and Christ to try and destroy the world they can no longer rule. You must stop them by sending your disciples to their places of power and defeating their evil.

A sprawling, deep and complex game which covers over 400 years of history, spies, assassinations, double dealing, occult forces , martyrs , prophets and blasphemers.

Write your own myths. Single player against the AI or upto 4 player Multiplayer.

Cults and Daggers. Faith, Hope and Conspiracy.

-Turn based Strategy over 400 years of history.
-Create an customise your own Faith
-Procedurally generated technology tree and adventure system
-In depth modelled spying system allows for deep subterfuge
-Complete ambient music Album “Cults and Daggers” included
-Single player. Hotseat & PBEM multiplayer

The game is now scheduled for a January 2015 release via Steam for PC and Mac. Earlier in the year it was suggested it may be released in the summer.

Rod Humble’s slow progress is why I said right near the top that Cory Ondrejka’s move to build a business from scratch won’t be easy. ChapHat has moved slowly and quietly but now, almost a year later, is starting to take shape and contains some substance. The quiet approach may well be a more peaceful way forward, but it also displays that patience is required when building something new.

I have no idea what Cory’s new company will be and it may well be that he has plans to gain some sort of venture capital funding. He has enough experience to know how this works.

I wish all of them the very best of luck.

Minecraft May Not Be the Best Candidate for Telltale’s Next Episodic Adventure Game

Janine "Iris Ophelia" Hawkins' ongoing review of gaming and virtual world style Today Telltale Games announced that they'll be doing another of their signature narrative-driven games with yet another phenomenally popular license. Hot on the heels of both Tales from...


I’m so looking forward to the colder weather! It means I get to snuggle up with blankets, cats, and hot chocolate and no one can blame me for not wanting to do anything. There’s just a calm, cozy magic to the season that has nothing to do with the holidays, don’t you think?


But it also happens to be my 8th rezday. Yeah, I know.. I put up an embarrassing collage and a pair of pictures to pile up should anyone be interested.

Here’s your junk:


Couch: Second Spaces – snow day window seat (10 LI, mod/copy) @ Collabor88

Table: Dust Bunny – lumberjack’s table (1 LI, mod/copy) @ The Arcade


Rug: 8f8 – Granny’s Winter Cottage – Carpet (4 LI, mod/trans) @ The Arcade

Basket of Apples: 8f8 – Granny’s Winter Cottage Apple Basket (2 LI, mod/trans) @ The Arcade

Apples: Trompe Loeil – Apple Single (1 LI, mod/copy)

Cats: Fashionably Dead – Posed Cats (4 LI, trans)

Lights: floorplan – hanging star light (3 LI, mod/trans) @ The Arcade

Mini Trees: Dust Bunny – twinkley twigs (1 LI, mod/trans) @ The Arcade

Crates: floorplan – vintage crate (1 LI, mod/trans) and parisian crates (2 LI, mod/trans) @ The Arcade

Box of Logs: MudHoney – Log Box (2 LI, mod/trans) @ The Arcade

Candles: floorplan – candle box (4 LI, mod/trans) @ The Arcade

Kettle: Dust Bunny – kettle (1 LI, mod/trans) @ The Arcade

Mug: Dust Bunny – cookies & cocoa (1 LI, mod/trans) @ The Arcade

Mittens: Dust Bunny – hanging mittens (1 LI, mod/trans) @ The Arcade

Books: Second Spaces – snow day books (1 LI, mod/copy) @ Collabor88

Ladder: 8f8 – Granny’s Winter Cottage Ladder 2 LI, mod/trans) @ The Arcade

Snow Globe: Dust Bunny – snow globe (1 LI, mod/trans) @ The Arcade


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After seeing some amazing pictures on Flickr by various people, of intriguing statues in a place called Sense, I went to visit it this afternoon to see for myself.

I didn’t find any background information on this mysterious looking place, it has text (in Italian I think) as ground texture and statues/sculptures are placed allover, all with a kind of sad – some may find it creepy – feel.  Wonderful for pictures though and if you like to enjoy something else than snow and ‘ho ho ho’ ….:).

Sense - I

I took my pictures in different windlights than the region one, which I found a bit too pink, but as so often: my pics do not do the works justice, they are way better in the real pixel!

Sense - II
Sense - III


Firestorm on SL Go: a closer look

Onlive, the provider of the SL Go, and the Firestorm team recently announced the addition of the Firestorm viewer to the SL Go service. I covered the news with a quick overview, and you can also read both the official press release from OnLive and the Firestorm’s team’s announcement to catch-up, if you need to. […]

Exciting SL events ahead in 2015

In two weeks time it will be the start of 2015 and it’s going to be another amazing year I think in terms of SL events. I can’t wait to attend the popular events on the grid during 2015 and blog about them.

At the start of every month of 2015 I will be publishing events happening on the grid, so stay tuned for that. Here are the big events happening next year with confirmation dates that are available at the moment.


One Billion Rising 2015: Normally takes place around the 14th February 2014. Four regions are normally set up for everyone to dance over the 24 hour period.

RFL of SL 2015 Season:  Starts on 7th March 2015 through until August 2015. Relay Weekend is 18th-19th July 2015 and the theme for 2015 is The Future is Now.

VWBPE 2015: Starts on 18th March 2015 through until 21st March 2015. The theme for 2015 is Crossroads.

Second Life 12th Birthday: Second Life will officially turn 12 years old on 23rd June 2015. I would imagine there will be resident run parties across the grid to mark 12 years of Second Life.

Bay City Annual Events 2015: Bay City 7th Anniversary, Hot Bay City Nights, Mole Day, Fashion Week, Tree Lighting and much more will take place next year. Join the Bay City groups inworld for more info.

BURN2 2015: The big annual BURN event will be happening in October 2015. There are normally more annual events happening during the year. Join the BURN2 groups inworld for more info.

Nova Albion 11th Anniversary:  Sometime in March 2015.

1920s Berlin Project 6th Anniversary: Sometime in May-June 2015.


Do you know of any other big events happening in Second Life 2015 then please comment so I can add them to the list.

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This Week in the Metaverse

It has been a busy week in the metaverse.

The big news for Second Life is the newly available  SL GO ap for Firestorm which promises "50FPS in a crowded region with a draw distance of 256 at full ultra with shadows graphics settings".   With my new graphics card and fairly high speed internet connection, I am not really a candidate -- at least it wouldn't seem so, but the last couple of days have been dire.

Crashing and stalls abounded on various sims (not mine but not busy ones either). I had to relog in order to continue projects and when running two avatars one could not see the pose the other was using -- something that normally doesn't occur. So the new deploys didn't work well for me, at least it seems that way. But according to official reports only the main server channel received updates.

The sims where I had issues were not ones I normally visit so it is difficult to say if the problem was "them" or "me". I did NOT update my Firestorm viewer yet, so no changes there.

SL GO will also work with OpenSim. 

There are plenty of venues going on as well as the normally huge amount of hunts. And then there is Advent. The realms have been busier than normal and the fifth occurrence of Tyrah's realm opened one day, the first time anyone I know had seen it.

The official grid statistics came out today, mirroring my not scientific at all view that both Inworldz and Avination had taken big hits this last month or two. 30 day user statistic are definitely lower than previously and according to Hypergrid Business " InWorldz lost 390 active users and Avination lost 297."  I can confirm how very slow it has been on both grids.

The big dra-ma (and it was that) has been over at Aviworlds where I am no longer. I can report on occurrences before my exodus however.  Here's a recap.  Alex announced the closing of the grid; Alex announced the selling of the grid; Alex announced the return as CEO and grid owner (unbeknownst to the then new owner). Renters were given a day (IF they found the message on the website) to lease their land once again. If they didn't accomplish that chore in those few hours, it was lost.  The next day Alex announced the closing of the hypergrid and the new commercial closed grid status of Aviworlds.


It of course got very messy over on Opensim Virtual; the moderator deleted many posts that I never saw but was was available to read was bad enough. NOT, mind you as treacherous as the IW Forums which once again this week crucified a long time community member who had given hundreds of hours of volunteer time to their beloved grid.

Once the hypergrid closed there was no point for me to be in Aviworlds, and that bitter taste in my mouth wasn't encouraging me to stick around. I don't suspect Aviworlds will last more than a week or two at this point. Did I mention that more of the crew was fired and the CTO and webmaster left?

After a headspinning week in OpenSim and dizzy week of fashion and design blogging, it was nice to relax in Canada and just build with prims, an old pastime that I have rediscovered. 

I had a little personal fame and glory this week winning three prizes at the University of Western Australia's machinima expo. A long lost magazine article (MOSP and ME) publication came to light (very bizarre story) and I became the "staff hypergrid expert" at GCG.

Another interesting statistic is that the public hypergrid enabled platforms moved ahead of closed grids for the first time. Second Life is not included in that statistic.