Whom Are Our Friends in Second Life?

I don't make friends based on how big their pockets are or how well connected they are; rather I make friends based on how positive their minds are. It is hard to end up with a very complicated lifestyle if you are always surrounded by positive minded individuals.

Edmond Mbiaka


          Recent events involving Second Life (SL) and me have me pondering about my friends inworld and a deeper appreciation of friendship in SL.  (Significant Other has that worried look again.)

          Over the last several weeks, I’ve assisted the First UCC team with their social media efforts for the UCC General Synod recently held in Cleveland in Real Life (RL).  (At least I

hope I helped them. Haven’t heard of anyone being excommunicated yet.)

          I’ve been traveling inworld visiting castles for my latest series and doing what I normally do as I travel about exploring and looking for my next story. 

          All these events got me thinking about my SL friends.

          Whom are they?

          (Don’t you just love these existentialquestions?  They drive Significant Other crazy.)

          What constitutes a friend?

          We all have our own definitions.

          But, does this definition, whatever it is, roll over into SL with us?

          Does it matter whether it does or not?

          What are the characteristics of our friends?

          They’re similar to us even if it’s only how we imagine ourselves to be.

          We have similar interests.

          We like being around them. 

          We miss them when they’re not around and maybe not worry when we don’t know why.

          We expose ourselves to the risks associated of opening ourselves up to another and the possible resultant pain. 

          Notice how I didn’t distinguish between SL and RL?  (Pretty subtle of me, huh?)

          Then there’s that supposedly impenetrable firewall separating SL from RL.

          I say “supposedly” because I find it’s getting awfully porous lately.

For example, I mentioned the UCC General Synod that I participated in.  (I really hope no one got excommunicated.  No, wait!  UCC doesn’t excommunicate people Becca

Kellstrom once told me.  They just don’t invite them to the big dance.)  There I was bouncing around as an avatar communicating with RL!

          Another for instance, Significant Other regularly asks me about my SL friends by name and how are they doing.  (This isn’t as bizarre as it sounds.  For some strange reason Significant Other prefers having me around instead of globetrotting about in RL.  Easier to find me this way I’m told.)

          And, then there’s my use of social media.   

          I regularly use Twitter, Google+, Skype (text only), and emails to stay in touch with my SL friends.

          Admittedly, all this occurs behind the identities of our avatars.

          But, are any of us really that different from whom we are in RL?

          Something tells me not.

          I believe that our SL friends are very much like our RL friends.

          In other words, they’re very much like ourselves too. 

          (I hope that none of my friends are insulted by my saying that!)

          We and they co-exist in both worlds.

          Overall, I think this is a pretty good idea!

          What do you think?

          In writing a story like this, I thought I’d call out many of my SL friends.

          But, there are so many of you and I don’t want to slight anyone by not mentioning them.

          So, to all of my wonderful SL friends, many heartfelt thanks for your friendship, time, and patience with a friend who tends to bounce around a lot! 

          As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives

My Twitter handle is @webspelunker.  Please feel free to follow me and I’d be happy to follow you.

I can be found on Google+ as webspelunker Ghostraven.

My flickr Photostream is located here.

On Skype I’m webspelunker Ghostraven.

          Open roads and kind fires!

Happy Independence Day, Fellow American Second Lifers!

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What Second Life Means To Me Video Project Hits The 30 Entry Mark

Back on June 16th Xiola Linden posted a blog entry, The “What Second Life Means to Me” Video Share Project :

We’ve been having a lot of fun with no end in sight to the good times – but you can’t turn 12 without a little pride and reflection. Second Life has been going strong for a dozen wonderful years and there’s a ton of things happening to celebrate. You’ll see more to come here in the Featured News Blog – but we wanted to stop and ask – “What is the meaning of Second Life?” To you – that is! This question may sound daunting – but the truth is, tapping into what makes “SL” so special to us as individuals and communities is a really amazing exercise in retrospection and self-discovery. This is your world – so what does it mean to you?

Whether you just got started, have been onboard for the full dozen years, or fall somewhere in between – we’d love to see a glimpse of your story in the “What Second Life Means to Me” video project.

Since then people have been creating short videos and I have noticed that the playlist on YouTube has now hit the 30 mark. There are a variety of styles applied, some people share more of their real self than others, some are shot entirely inworld, some have no voice. This mix is what makes this project so interesting.

Girl Forgetful uses inworld footage and a few captions, but still manages to tell her story very well.

Whereas BrennendeBuchstaben tell his story in German, with aide of his wife, featuring real and Second Life footage as well as subtitles in English.

Huckleberry Hax tells a poetic tale of what Second Life means to him.

Loki Eliot goes for a more cinematic approach and manages to pack a hell of a lot of Second Life into less than three minutes.

The Lindens have been getting in on the act too and Patch Linden has created an excellent entry.

There are obviously plenty more videos to view, but they are all short, they are all interesting and they all tell a tale, this is a very impressive project.

A little More time in Second Life

I was recently contacted by Lacy Muircastle of More magazine if I’d be willing to be interviewed about my Second Life and this blog. The request came via note card, often the easiest why to contact me in-world and was, in all honesty, something of a surprise. For those unfamiliar with the title, More is […]

Second Life: Too Little Sex?

Canary Beck has done a great research piece on whether or not Second Life’s reputation is that of a home for sexual perverts or not. Her research provides objective data on how Second Life™ is perceived by the Google Search Engine, which is about as objective a source as one can find. See: Should We … Continue reading

The Drax Files Radio Hour Show #75 with Philip Rosedale

Check out the new special Drax Files podcast @75 featuring Philip Rosedale talking about High Fidelity and a little on Second Life. This show was broadcasted from within High Fidelity for the first time and the show runs for 1hr/29 minutes.

Skip to 54 minutes to listen to the special interview between Draxtor and Philip Rosedale talking High Fidelity. I found the interview pretty much interesting and fascinating.

Give it a listen if you are interested in learning more on High Fidelity.

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Crestwick Village In Second Life, Where You Don’t Stop Believing

Crestwick Petrol

Just a small town Dwarfin, living in a lonely world.

I decided to take a trip to a small working class region of Second Life by the name of Crestwick Island and I was totally blown away by its gritty beauty.

Crestwick Street

The actual parcel description states :

Crestwick Island is a small working class town situated on an Island in the middle of a beautiful bay. The streets are lined faux businesses and shops as well as parks, marsh land and other surprises including a giant hill that supports an observatory.

This is a location that works really well, although it’s a shame that the business on the streets are faux because the record store looks really funky!


Crestwick Out Of Town

The creators of this wonderful location are Ciphertazi Wandin and Isa Messioptra, who also doubles as The Mayor, although I don’t know if she was democratically elected.

Crestwick Police

The way the creators have captured a small town is really impressive. This is a region where you hope the experience never ends, it goes on and on and on and on.

Crestwick Park & Tyres

Over on the destination guide there’s some excellent praise for this region from a user called Stephi Dreme :

Absolutely breath taking, well worth the trip. I found my self effortlessly going from one place to the next. this creator knows how too design a sim its amazing every nook & crany is filled . worlds with in a world. I so much enjoyed walking up the cliff very realistic. thanx to creator & kudos for a job very well done. & I wasn’t spamed once during entire visit also a plus.

Content and region creators, there are some tips there on how to make your creations appealing.

Crestwick Stores

This is most definitely a region where you don’t stop believing, you hold onto that feeling, it’s wonderfully atmospheric and trust me, it’s well worth a visit.

Crestwick Island

Crestwick Island is a small working class town situated in the middle of a beautiful bay. The streets are lined with a cafe, art gallery, businesses and shops. Downtown is surrounded by parks, marsh land and other surprises including a giant hill that supports an abandoned scientific research center which overlooks the town.

Visit in Second Life

SLURL To Crestwick Island : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Uninhabited%20Island/152/63/24/

The 4th of July: Many years have passed since those summer days

‘Many years have passed since those summer days
Among the fields of barley
See the children run as the sun goes down
Among the fields of gold
You’ll remember me when the west wind moves
Upon the fields of barley
You can tell the sun in his jealous sky
When we walked in fields of gold ‘


While for most of my SL friends, who are in the USA, today..the 4th of July is a day of celebrations, festivities and fun, for me it brings me back to when I was a little Caity.

The 4th of July is my Mom’s birthday, we used to celebrate it while on holiday in Italy, on the camping at Lake Garda. We got to eat ice creams all day, the adults got drunk (well I realise now they didn’t get a flu, ahem…..) and all was good and cheerful. My Mom occasionally complained her birthday was never at home, but always on vacation.
The 4th of July: Many years have passed since those summer days

She would have turned 70 today, alas…she was taken away in 2001, at the too young age of 56. I miss her.
I inherited her love for all flowers and colourful decorations, her brown eyes and her smile. And. I miss her so much.

Happy birthday Mama!