Second Life: CtrlAltStudio Viewer Updated

A week ago the CtrlAltStudio Viewer updated to version Alpha (Windows download link) and is now on par with Firestorm 4.6.7. This version does NOT work with Rift Direct Mode. Also, you must have the Advanced Lighting Model enabled to use the Oculus Rift display. Now that Samsung is selling their Gear VR (US$200), … Continue reading »

BURN2 Burnal Equinox 2015: Balance opens today in Second Life

BURN2 Burnal Equinox 2015

BURN2 Burnal Equinox 2015

BURN2 Burnal Equinox 2015: Balance opens today at 10am SLT  over at the BURN2 Burning Man region in Second Life. The weekend event runs until 10am SLT on Sunday 29th March 2015. There will be live DJ events, drumming, and live entertainment during this weekend.

There will be friendly and helpful greeters at the gates ready to help out and ensure that everyone has a nice welcoming experience. Let’s celebrate Balance!

Balance – Equinox is the time when the day and night are of equal length, it is also the start of both Spring and Autumn. In the virtual world we can mix all things together, so we can have bats flying down to sip the nectar from the new spring flowers in the daytime, or autumn leaves transforming into butterflies at night. As always our only limitation is our imagination.

Spread the word about BURN2 Burnal Equinox 2015: Balance and come over this weekend. :)

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Adventure 69

I really try to do the stroll everyday, but I woke up earlier today feeling like shit.  So this one is probably gonna be a day late, cause I might have to go lay back down.  We'll see how it goes....

So being that this is the 69th adventure I decided to just jump around the grid and find 5 sexy sims. After goin' through my inventory I find a sexy spikey outfit to run around in.

More Details: My Haters Motivate Me

First stop is Xquisite Male Revue.  Once you come on the left side of the building there are pictures of the male stripper.  I happen to see a friend or 2 up on that board.

On the other side of the room are a few ad boards.  This place as pretty good traffic.  They also have a calendar up to show you what events are going on.

They also offer Bachelorette party packages.  Specializing in Bachlorette, Rez-day, RL Birthday, or girls night out parties. Which can' be either Onsite or Offsite.  If your interested in click the sign and you will receive a notecard to fill out. There is a 1000L deposit.  With each additional thing added the price is on the side like... Decorated club, off site, DJ takes requests, & 500L each dancer.

And I hung out here a bit while I was writing this and they are some very nice and sexy gentlemen. Gals if you're looking for something to drool at don't miss this place.

** Lag Rating: 2

Headed North to BDSM Lifestyle - School of RLV Training.  Which is something interesting to me. Cai bought me a collar a while ago, but I just think its a pretty necklace lol.  I don't know if I could trust a stranger enough to have control of my SL.  I'm a busy beaver and I'd be pissed if I was caged or locked out of my IM or Inventory for any period of time lol.  But maybe I can understand it a bit better here.  If your new to it and interested this place might help you out too.

Once you walk through what feels like forever work of stores and advertisements as you follow the red arrows on the floor, 3 things are delivered to you. Lost RLV Game, DM2 Meter and a SoH meter, not sure what any of them do yet.

If you look up there is a class schedule over your head. Apparently they put up the classes weekly, Wednesday was Basic OC Collar & Sub AO, Thursday is Slave Philosophy and Friday is a repeat of the Philosophy.

Castle is pretty cool, there is RLV items everywhere.  And rooms sections off like Femdom, Dungeon, Snuff & Bondage.  They even have Strip Poker, Bonzee and pool table.  Including a slave auction.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Southeast is the next direction to go landing on Bliss.  As you walk in on the left are ads of male escorts available.  And they have 5 skyboxes available for your pleasure.  You can choose between the Chalet, home, manor, dollroom, or the cave.  Each skybox will cost you 50L for 15 mins, 100L for 30 mins, 150L for 45 mins, and 200L for 60 mins.

On the right hand side are ads of female escorts.  Along with escort, dancer, DJ, & Dom/me applications.  Once you are done filling them out there is a silver box for you to put them in.

Escorting is not the only thing they do here.  on the left side of the club they have a hang out area with fireplace, pool table and multi animation furniture.

In the center of the club they have stripper poles with fantastic carpeting.  And private dance rooms area available.  Where I met the bliss security.  A gorgeous man that escorted me throughout the establishment and showed me the place.

Anyway the back wall is lined up with dom thrones. They work on Findom jars.  They make sure that all doms are legit so you know your getting the real thing.  I also met the owner of the place and she was very nice.  But I'm sure she's great at what she does.

Bliss runs on the Findom RP system is a hud that tracks how much dom receives from a sub, and vise versa.  Which doesn't just work on this sim but grid wide.

There are some VIP rooms which you have to be in the group to enjoy.  Like the High-Class Gentleman's room, & Dungeon.  The dungeon's probably my favorite spot.  Feels very authentic, and perfect lighting.

** Lag Rating: 2

West is where you find the G-Spot lol.  An adult hangout & Romantic resort.

Some rules to follow while you're here.  I love it #1 Do NOT be a dick lol.  2. No leashes, 3. No Ageplay as the SL gods have spoken.  4 Don't rock out with your cock out on dance floor or patio.  5. You must be at least 5'5" to ride this ride.

Once you past the rules there is a big map out to show you points of the sim of interest like Heart Island, Tree house, Beach Bed, Stone house, Gazebo, Island, Hot Tub, Hut, Pier, Raft, Chaise. Second look at them, I think those are spots where you can get cuddly.  Well guess you're just gonna have to come check it out for yourself.

Getting past the are you too big for this ride entrance there is a nice beach bar, with dancing between the sand and water. It looks like it was set up for a birthday party.

On the right there is a wooden trail, that splits off to different spots throughout the beach.  To find privacy or just to hang out. They have many dance balls around for romantic dances on the beach.

You can turn it to midnight and make the right setting for a perfect night.  Settling out on one of the floaties, or enjoying the floating blanket that's out a bit in the water.

There are cubbies and bridges everywhere.  Also a nice place for a nature shot.  I like part of the description the owner put in there "Free sex without smut".  Sometime's you just want a piece in a tropical paradise lol.

** Lag Rating: 2

Now something for the men.  Northwest is the last destination of the 69th adventure.  Obsession is a fully functional working brothel.  Right as I landed I can see it was a classy place.  With antique couches and lamps.

Each lady has been hand picked for eroticism, seduction, emotes, voice and cam.  To assure that you are in fact with a true lady.  And not catfished.

Things they specialize in: Financial Domination, Pro Domme, RP, Taboos, Fetishes, Kinks, Orgasm Control and many other things. They service all sorts subs, sissies, sugar daddies, sexual deviants, and those that are truly hardcore.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Till Tomorrow....

~ JL

March LEA Full Sim, Rebeca Bashly’s When Life Gives You Apples…run, a review by Victoria Lenoirre

This month at LEA 6, is a brand new work by Rebeca Bashly. This is also the last month that there will be monthly full sim grants at LEA 6. So it's fitting that Rebeca's work is also the last in the series. Her first installation here at LEA 6 was the Inferno. The name of this work is When Life Gives You Apples...Run.

At the arrival area, you'll see a small, green info with an info hover text.
Arrival point

Click it and you'll get the following info:

Looking at various myths, legends and fairy tales, apple seems to be pretty misfortunate for a woman.
When an apple appears in a story, you know that something will go bad.
From Eve, thru Greek mythology to Snow White there was always a catch with an apple.
It is beautiful, delicious, tempting, seductive. A Perfect disguise for all bad that can come.
I use it as a symbol for the monstrosities that woman too often dont recognise as such in its early stages.
This installation is about domestic violence and eating disorders, on first sight two very different things, but violence against someone and violence against oneself are the same thing, a violence.

Standing inside the apple, looking up

Rebeca's work is always so intense and dark. It's that darkness that highlights the beauty in it.

Even in the seed, you see the women huddled in pain but you also see a beauty in their posture. There is a sort of beauty in pain. That may sound weird. They have each other and they are taking comfort from the physical closeness. The way they hold themselves together is beautiful, I suppose.

As you go through the apple, you will find teleport points to go to another location in the sky. The Dollhouse is one of those locations. Do read the store of the Dollhouse. It tells the story of 2 girls who overcame their circumstances to become a success. It reminds me of the saying about how suffering makes you stronger. The human spirit is strong, our sense of survival is inherent. Even babies know that they want to breathe and eat; they want to live.

The stair inside the apple spirals around until the top of the apple, it's a square door to the stem of the apple and the leaf on top.

The mood inside the apple is ominous. It is simple, unlike the Inferno or other builds I've seen by her. The ominous mood is felt just by how dark it feels and then you see the seed hanging from the ceiling. And perhaps you feel a certain dread when you see the teleport signs. You want to see where they lead, but you feel like the destination won't be cheery and happy. You may wonder how sweet Sweet Home is...see for yourself when you rezz here.

It's an intriguing build. It seems simple but the overtones are mood are not simple. The theme is definitely complex.

Here are my questions for Rebeca:

In fairytales, the bad apple is red. Why did you decide to make your apple green?

- It was suppose to be blue, but while I was painting it I fell in love with this shade of green.
Generally I always have green in my builds, it is personal.

What can we learn from fairy tales?

- Kids are learning from fairy tales in a safe environment about many things like human nature,values,how to deal with adversity in life,
they enhance imagination and creative process... I could go on and on about benefits of fairy tales.

Why do you think the apple is used to tempt people and lead them to unfortunate events?

- Well, it is not really certain that the apple was the trouble maker.Till late 17th century
word "apple" was used for all foreign fruits, except for berries and nuts.

What are your feelings on pain? Do you think there is some beauty in pain? 

- I don't find being beaten up with leather belt  or stomach ruptures caused by binge eating beautiful.
I don't find humiliation,despair and fear beautiful.I don't find Jesus nailed on cross beautiful.I don't find being stung by the bee beautiful.
It is human ugliness in its purest form,except for the bee stung ofc. There have always been  people that are skilled to present pain in a way that we can render
 it as beautiful - Artists. Otherwise probably half of us would just turn away our heads.

How do you fight against violence towards women? Is it a personal cause for you?

- It is personal, i am a woman, i am a human.

Thanks for answering my questions, Rebeca! Great build at LEA6!

Come see her London build at FFL, open until the 29th of this month!

Best regards,

Victoria Lenoirre

IW6 Then and Now Museum


There will be a special event happening at IW6 between 1:30pm to 3:30pm PDT on Friday 27th March 2015 over at the IW6 Then and Now Museum. Featuring Bardic Storytelling, poem tellings, brief stories and much more. This event will be moderated by the illustrious Bard Aoife Lorefield of the fabled Seanchai Library, which has just established its presence InWorldz at Sendalonde.

IW6 Then and Now Museum is a trip down memory lane where you can look at many historical pictures and info boards of InWorldz past and current community. Walk from station to station to discover the history of InWorldz.

IW6 Then and Now Museum

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InWorldz 6th Birthday starts today from 11:45am PDT

 IW6 Welcome / Info Area

Happy 6th Birthday, InWorldz.

Today marks the start of InWorldz 6th birthday celebrations and to mark this special occasion there will be entertainment and festivities through until 2nd April 2015. The theme for InWorldz 6th birthday is Community – Then and Now. The tag line is With Community All Things are Possible!. There are over 40 sims to explore this year full of fantastic art, build designs, exhibit experiences and much more.

IW6 Welcome Info Area

IW6 Welcome Info Area

InWorldz 6th Birthday Event Schedule 

The grand opening to InWorldz 6th Birthday starts at 11:45am PDT on Friday 27th March 2015 with birthday announcements from EC and a special water show, DJd by Astoria Luminos over at the Water Show Amphitheatre.

See the full events schedule here. :)

IW6 Main Stage

IW6 Water Show Amphitheatre

InWorldz 6th Birthday Sim Layout

Here is the sim layout for InWorldz 6th Birthday Celebrations.

IW6 Sim Layout

IW6 Sim Layout

Spread the word, signup/log into the InWorldz grid and visit the 6th IW6 birthday sims. It’s time to celebrate 6 amazing years of InWorldz. :D

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Stroke Victim Reports Partial Recovery Playing Second Life

Not too long ago, someone who works at Linden Lab (I'll call her Leah) happened to meet a bright and energetic woman at a party. As they chatted, it came out that Leigh is a Linden staffer -- and in...

Oculus Rift Update 2015 Week 13

Quoting from Tech Crunch’s quote of Oculus Chief Scientist Michael Abrash: While previous versions of the Oculus Rift have required plugging in a separate set of headphones to get the “I’m encapsulated in a virtual space” feeling, the Crescent Bay prototype has its own pair built-in, and the company has said the consumer model will, … Continue reading »

A Visit To Taure Ru – A Second Life Roleplaying Sim

Taure Ru Town

Like many roleplaying sims in Second Life, Taure Ru has rules. The best way of avoiding rules for the casual visitor is of course to pay attention to the rules that inform you to pick up a visitor tag and wear it! However even then you should be mindful of your surroundings and try to dress in character at least.

Taure Ru is a mysterious kingdom, its origins are said to be dark, but no one seems to want to talk about them. However there is plenty of information around to give you an idea of the kind of roleplay that goes on in this mysterious land.

This is classic fantasy adventure territory with guilds, factions and characters who will be mages, warriors, assassins, musicians and dancers. The latter two are probably an example of where Second Life roleplay differs from more mainstream video game versions because dancers and musicians in Second Life are quite important when it comes to entertainment.

Taure Ru

If you’re not familiar with roleplay in Second Life then it can be a challenge. Generally you write your own character biographies and you apply to be accepted. Many people find this challenging. However there is a freedom to roleplay in Second Life that games don’t provide because you can, as long as you stick within the rules, develop your own character in the image you have envisaged. This is both empowering and intimidating.

The roleplay in Taure Ru should appeal to fans of medieval fantasy, so we’re talking Dungeons and Dragons, Lord Of The Rings style adventures here. This is a market that has potential in Second Life but also has competition and that has proven very challenging for many a roleplaying sim in Second Life.

Taure Ru is also a place for live action roleplay, the story isn’t set in front of you, you need to improvise, create your own conversations and immerse yourself in the world. This isn’t for everyone, but if it sounds appealing to you then you can pop along to Taure Ru, read the rules and information, wear the visitor tag and take a look around to see if you really like the look of it.

At the very least, you’ll get a view of some beautiful Second Life builds.

Taure Ru

Taure Ru is a gorgeous medieval fantasy role-play sim filled with
underground cities, mazes, castles all in a dark setting of orcs,
unseelie, drow, and dragons. Be a warrior, wizard, ranger, or druid
and save a life or bring about a cataclysm. It is your story! Come
explore and join in the ongoing story of this mysterious land.

Visit in Second Life

SLURL To Taure Ru :

The Battle of Chemotherapy Part 3

Aside from the hair loss, there are other side effects that come with chemotherapy. They can vary by person and by which drug you are taking for your cancer. These are just the ones that I had and How I choose to deal with them.

chemotherapy side effectsI was tired from about day 2 after chemo. It was that kind of tired that was your whole being head to toe just really didn't want to do much. I often compare it to feeling like your body is walking through mud, that rather slow motion feeling that you just cannot shake. Around day 4 post treatment, It was more like walking through water, easier but still tired. About day 6 was when I was feeling much better. The only thing that helped a bit for me was stretching, getting up and stretching for about 10 minutes would give me just a bit of energy for a short period.

I still had kids to take care of an a life to live. So I just sucked it up and went to do what needed done. I was at the sporting goods store with my middle child shopping for running shoes, I went to get the same one a new cell phone and I had to get them things to start the school year. Somewhere inside me I just said "Screw you cancer, I have stuff to do." Then after running my errands, I would come home and nap.

Knowing my white blood count was low, I made sure to use the anti-bacterial wipes on shopping carts and carried some in my purse for stores with out them. I also tried to stay further away from other shoppers just in case anyone was out sick.

Another prominent side effect is nausea and vomiting. My doctors gave me 2 long acting meds, Zofran and Compazine and then later on a faster acting short term Ativan. These meds are a god send! I wasn't queezy often as long as I was taking them and I only vomited once when I had forgotten.

Food is another tricky subject. I didn't feel like eating much and when I did, it tasted funny or no taste at all for about 10 days after chemo. I ended up losing about 40 pounds. Everyone you know will offer you diet advice. GMO Free, Organic, Free Range, Gluten Free, Paleo, Vegan, etc etc etc etc. Just thank them for their thoughts and say something like "I will remember to discuss that with my doctor." You get sick of the advice but in your heart you know it comes from a place of wanting you to be healthy, so you deal with it. Then just eat the damn twinky or whatever you can manage to tolerate or might taste not wretched to your chemical filled taste buds. Healthy is always best but if corn dogs and pretzels (or whatever) is the only things that taste good or at least not horrible, go for it. Just get some calories in you in some form.

There are other random side effects that will change from person to person, you might have numbness or tingling in your fingers and/or toes. Yes chemo brain is a real thing. Some people lose finger and toe nails, I didn't lose mine but my finger nails developed ridges.

This is where I will leave off for now... stay tuned for the next battle story.